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    I've received Heartbleed emails from every random service I've ever used except the ones like banks and credit cards that actually matter.

  2. "It was in answer to a universal problem with a greatly needed solution." And it doubles as a wallet!

  3. At the bottom of a satisfaction survey: "Please do not respond to this email."

  4. Data Plan Chicken: One day left on my cycle and trying to piss away as much as I can without exceeding the cap.

  5. Only if your corporate network is fast enough to handle weather *and* stock quotes!

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    What happens when you give a hospital tech a 3D printer. It's the small capabilities that seem most appealing to me

  7. Family members don't always remember to shut the garage door? Let's overcompensate with a technological solution!

  8. Colored, custom glyphs for Most Favorite Clients to be deployed in Gartner Magic Quadrants beginning in 2015.

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    You are in an office. An exits leads to the north. There is a computer here. > git push You have broken the build > go north

  10. Another strategic marketing partnership? Sweet! Less TCO with a side order of ROI for everyone!

  11. Tired of Facebook resetting home page sort order? Account Settings->Display->Cellar->Disused lavatory->Filing cabinet->Beware of the Leopard

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