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Jim Carson
Paseo-like Cuban pork sandwich
Paseo-like Cuban pork sandwich

And now for something completely different… Paseo-like Cuban pork sandwiches, using a recipe from the Seattle Times food blog, originally based on Paseo reverse-engineering done by Lorna Yee, presented in her cookbook The Newlywed Kitchen. This took me about 1 1/2 hours of attentive cooking, but elapsed time was about 20 hours as most of the marination happened the night […]

Dumpling Cube
Repeat a few times until you have a plate-worth ready to go.

I love making gyoza, but because I am not adept enough at it to hand-make them at the rate my family consumes them, I wanted to try the Dumpling Cube my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.  The result was my best batch of gyoza using the Classic Pork Gyoza from Japanese Soul Cooking as a starting point. […]

More Cheese Making
This pancake recipe is approved by me.

It’s been a couple of years since I took the Cheese-Making class at PCC, but while thumbing through their course list again, I had the urge to try it again.  The last couple of weeks have been experimenting with: Yogurt – I picked up a used “yogurt maker,” which is a just a fancy hotplate with […]

Pita bread for falafel and hummus
Pita bread for falafel and hummus

After typing up my random food dribblings on food trucks, and specifically Hallava Falafel, I remembered I previously posted a recipe on falafel and hummus nearly ten years ago.  I volunteered to cook this very same thing today, but as I was making the grocery list, I noticed that my recipe depended on store-bought pita bread. […]

DIY Mocha

I’ve been pretty happy with the AeroPress (thanks for the suggestion, Scott!) for in-home mocha making.  For the first several dozen cups, I dutifully followed the instructions. It worked pretty well. But as one who gets bored with routine, I experimented and spoke with other AeroPress owners who have deviated from the norm. The subject […]

Cherry Dutch Baby

Ah, cherry season! Cherry Dutch Baby 3/4 C flour 2 T granulated sugar 3/4 C milk 3 eggs 1/4 t salt half stick butter 2 C pitted, Bing cherries powdered sugar Preheat oven to 425°F. (If using a convection oven, try 390°F) Combine flour, sugar, milk, eggs and salt in a blender until smooth. In […]

Rosemary and Walnut pasta
Apple Pie-za
Chocolate Crinkles
Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberries grow wild in the greenbelt behind my house.. and everywhere else, it seems. The plants are nasty, with thorns on everything. Blackberry tentacles ensnare other plants, sometimes growing straight up, then over anything in their path. Along roads, it’s common to see the shoots sticking out well into the pedestrian lane/shoulder. This leaves the […]

Oatmeal-Date cookies
Chocolate Cherry Loaf
Sauteed Shrimp in pesto sauce
Cooking fajitas for twenty six

Last summer my office started offering Free Lunch Fridays. The premise was anyone who participates has to do so in the lunchroom. Thus, it gets the office diners like me to break away from their work. Lunches are frugal, typically make-your-own sandwiches, Costco pizza or the six-foot-long Subway laden with near-lethal levels of mustard and […]

Roasting coffee

Last year a coworker was planning to buy a bag of high-quality raw coffee beans from the San Cristobal Coffee Company. Although he drinks impressive quantities of coffee, he didn’t want all 95+ pounds. He offered to let some of us get in on the deal. I ended up with ten pounds’ worth of raw […]

Ardith’s Sourdough Bread
Chicken and Rice Soup, Potato Soup
Tomato Bisque Soup
Chocolate cake with Fudge Icing
Oatmeal Cake with Lazy Daisy topping
Spice Cake with penuche frosting
Drive by seasoning
Meatballs and tomato sauce