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What I would like to see from you (and see less of) on Facebook
What I would like to see from you (and see less of) on Facebook

Claire posted a lovely note that I (and I’m sure you) have thought about writing.  I liked it so much, that I’m co-opting and adapting it slightly to my own quirkiness. I know you don’t post things on Facebook to specifically entertain me.  (Sure, in my fantasy world, I occasionally indulge in thinking that’s why you’re […]

Album Cover Challenge
Grace of Tragedy, by Microsoft Private Folder
(Photo by Wai Fong Fung)

Continuing the cleanup, I present the second of three Facebook memes that I still find both benign and entertaining, the Album Cover Challenge.  Like the others, I felt funny about any implied social obligation in “tagging” someone, so I toned down the mandatoriness a couple of notches. This is the original post.  Do check out […]

100 Books, Omnibus edition
Mercer Island, WA

In anticipation of the Facepocalpyse, I’ve been cleaning out some of my FB profile of nuggets I’d like to save on my own blog – today’s is the 100 Books, Omnibus Edition, based on a recurring meme that I see pop up every fortnight.  In concept, I don’t mind this one as much because who doesn’t […]

Badger badger badger

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger.  

Rock Liebster

I happily report that this blog has been nominated for The Liebster Blog Award by Horse Bits.  I was expecting a focus on ritualistic hazing, drinking and debauchery, followed by debauchery and drinking.  But in reading John’s intro paragraph, I am corrected that the intent is for the little folk (blogs with fewer than 200 […]

Friday linkery

The Outlook “inbox” at work represents things I haven’t processed (responded to, deleted, filed). I’ve been aggressively working to keep it below 20 items, but inevitably after a trip, it bumps back up. It’s above 50, and increasing. This really bugs me, but as I’m pretty exhausted from 2 months of busting the product release […]

I am manly

I saw an interesting meme on Uncertain Principles (originated by Cut to the Chase). The first list comes from Popular Mechanics 25 Skills every man should know. The list below, my “skills” in bold: Patch a radiator hose Protect your computer Rescue a boater who has capsized Frame a wall Retouch digital photos Back up […]

How many degrees of Kevin Bacon can be sliced?

I received an invite to join a group of friends in Orkut, “an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.” My first reaction was oh, brother, yet another linking portal. I already have entries on Friendster, the “online community that connects people through networks of friends” and LinkedIn, where you can […]