FizzyCalc logo The Mac version of FizzyCalc is an utility that takes coordinate strings in a variety of formats and generates copy-and-paste versions of those coordinates in a variety of other formats. It does high-accuracy distance calculations and projections using the Vincenty Method for calculating distances on an ellipsoid. These calculations are much better than you can obtain from your GPS unit!

Sample screenshot showing coordinate conversion.

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It should be pretty solid. However, please let me know if you run into any problems (ideally, with steps on how to reproduce) or have suggestions. My email address is:

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Mac FizzyCalc 64-bit 64-bit version (Mac OS 10.12 or newer). Mac FizzyCalc 32-bit version is Copyright (c) 2011 by Jim Carson ( jim_carson). It is based on David Knapp's FizzyCalc, which is Copyright (c) 2003 by David Knapp (aka FizzyMagic). A Windows runtime of FizzyCalc is available here.