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Jim Carson
100 Books, Omnibus edition
Mercer Island, WA

In anticipation of the Facepocalpyse, I’ve been cleaning out some of my FB profile of nuggets I’d like to save on my own blog – today’s is the 100 Books, Omnibus Edition, based on a recurring meme that I see pop up every fortnight.  In concept, I don’t mind this one as much because who doesn’t […]

2008 in review

1Q 2008:Travel to Reno (NV), Vancouver (BC), Portland (OR). Rode (most of) SIR 200k March brevet – So close to finishing. Had my first forty-something physical.  Tried volunteering at a local school.  Learned that dried spaghetti, when bent enough, will break in at least three places. 2Q 2008: Travel to: Pendleton (OR), Richland (WA) Rode […]

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