My daily commute is now taking me from the icy wastelands of the 425 area code into downtown Seattle. The express bus makes this tolerable, since it gets me through the bulk of the bad part. Once at the bus tunnel, the best option is walking the remaining part (0.8Read More →

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I had an opportunity to head down to Pendleton for the tenth annual Century Ride of the Centuries (aka “CROC”).  This was my seventh visit in eight years — having skipped last year’s — and especially anticipated because the Bar M Ranch was reopened asRead More →

I was going through yet another hard disk of photos to find an appropriate “timeline” image for Facebook.   Had a lot of fond memories of a geology-themed vacation through southern Washington and central Oregon.  The first stop was at Mt. St. Helens, home of the ‘sploded volcano from 1981:Read More →

On the flight to Houston, I was seated two seats over from a very strange, inebriated young woman. Tammy, from Billings, Montana, struck up a conversation with the guy between us, soliciting information from Derek, Married Guy™ from Canada, sharing truisms like “anyone who doesn’t know what they want toRead More →

Last week was my first time visiting Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex’s better half. When I had the opportunity to be outside (80°F and sunny, in April!), I wandered around downtown, letting the numerous virtual geocaches guide my travels. (All photos, except the USPS one, are mine. Click to embiggen.) This muralRead More →