Finding a time that all of the family schedules line up, and is not so last-minute that activities are sold out or excessively expensive, led to an over-accumulation of vacation time at the end of the year.  As I’m less a fan of “losing vacation time” than “vacationing in winter,” I’dRead More →

In the dark world the natives call “January in Seattle,” I was pining for a week-long bike ride as a “carrot” to entice myself to get back to riding.  I’ve covered a lot of great spots in Washington, but was looking for something different.  That something different – but notRead More →

Though it is definitely not something I’d ever want to have lunge out of someone’s yard and start chasing me when I’m on a bike ride, the T.Rex at the Chicago Field Museum was a lot smaller than I had imagined.Read More →

My daily commute is now taking me from the icy wastelands of the 425 area code into downtown Seattle. The express bus makes this tolerable, since it gets me through the bulk of the bad part. Once at the bus tunnel, the best option is walking the remaining part (0.8Read More →