A bike, in Los Angeles?

I’m headed to Los Angeles today to spend the week visiting customers and stafffing our booth the World Congress on Computational Mechanics (basically similar to last year’s USNCCM-equivalent). Since
Ride Around Washington is a scant five weeks away, I am bringing my bike in hopes of getting some hot-weather riding. I know: “a bicycle? In Los Angeles?” We’ll see how this works out. I’ve already set my expectations low.

Packing the bike was much more challenging than I remember it being when I did it last October. Since then, I had the disc brake installed. It all fit nicely once I pulled off the crank and kickstand. The remaining parts are bungeed within the case to reduce the jostling that will ensue after TSA rifles through my personals artefacts.

Generic Seasonal Greetings

I always loved receiving holiday newsletters because they present a blog-like view, in Cliff’s Notes-length of what’s been going with a family during the last year. (My mother-in-law is the Jedi Master of these.) Hoping, perhaps naively, others shared this enthusiasm, we’ve put together one of our own for the last decade and a half. Content has not always been easy to create. For example, in good years, I’ve had less interest in writing for fear of bordering on the bragging side. In bad years, I’ve wanted to just vent: “My company hemorrhaged its market capitalization and the only thing I have to show for it is this itchy T-shirt and a pink slip.” Thankfully, most of my life is banal. (Just.. Like.. Everyone.. Else..)

Newsletter done?

Since having kids, creation of the Christmas newsletter has gone from being a source of enjoyment to being a chore. As in “Oh, crap, it’s December 13th and we still have to take pictures of the kids, summarize the whole year, print the letters, add a personal note and mail a hundred of these”. I suspect others are feeling the same way because there’s been a precipitous decline in the number of return cards, notes and newsletters. Or perhaps they’re trying to give us a hint?
Either way, the perception of choriness and our belief that there’s scant point in sending just a card without a note or picture tells me we should just take this year off.