Having an ICE ride home

I was at work until 9:30 this evening building demos for the trade show next week. This is the latest I’ve biked home since the summer, and it wasn’t too bad: very light traffic, wet roads, 34°F and clear sky illuminated by a sliver-short-of-full moon.

Near home, it got interesting. The temperature had dipped below freezing.  At the top of the hill, I could see the moonlight reflecting off the ice crystals forming on the sidewalk.  I didn’t think it would be that bad, but there was some fishtailing whenever I’d run over branch remnants.  At home, my lawn, car and almost everything else were splattered by little white hail pellets.  It’s weird how much the weather changes in a mere few hundred feet above sea-level.

Like snow, but with trees

Last night’s ride home was a doozy because of the torrential downpour… easily the wettest I’ve been since RSVP 2004. The wind started kicking up around 5:30, knocking out power to the street lights. A tree had fallen across the road a mere 1/4 mile past the entrance to my subdivision.

When I woke up, the yard is covered with a layer of pine needles. The back deck table and umbrella speared the grill. The sand box cover has blown off into the green belt behind us. The house across the street’s animatronic “Rudolph” festive lawn ornament was taken out by several stray branches.

Three weeks ago, streets were marginal because of snow and sand. Today, it’s trees, pine branches, garbage cans and construction cones. It took me a long time to drive into work. I stopped at the Albertson’s at the top of the hill in hopes of getting something to eat while I waited out the traffic. There were at least twenty people queued up in line for the now empty coffee pump. Both gas stations had power and long queues of people fueling up for the weekend.

The parking lot at work was nearly deserted. Not only is the building locked, but the entire block is powerless. (No coffee, either!) Our corporate servers are also shut down. (No VPN for you!)