In the dark world the natives call “January in Seattle,” I was pining for a week-long bike ride as a “carrot” to entice myself to get back to riding.  I’ve covered a lot of great spots in Washington, but was looking for something different.  That something different – but notRead More →

One of the more unsual geocaches I found recently is a puzzle cache described as thus: Even in a box of troubles, there is HOPE You may have some trouble with this cache. The container is waterproof because it may be under water at times. There is significant elevation changeRead More →

My friend Rachael tweeted about a library geocache presentation during her Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) event.  I was looking back among the geocaches I’ve done and found quite a few of them among my favorites: By George was my first library geocache, done during a conference visit to PennRead More →

During the summer of 2011, I had some mythical Spare Time to blow the centimeter-thick layer of dust off my programming skills and port FizzyCalc, a Windows-based geocoordinate conversion utility that I’ve used for solving several puzzles in my obsessive hobby, geocaching, to the Mac. Mac FizzyCalc celebrated its 2500thRead More →

I was invited to participate in a “geo art” project for the Washington State Geocaching Association’s (WSGA) anniversary. Though my contribution was pretty minimal, I did want to jot down some thoughts on what work went into doing this and why I think it was a success. Geoart endeavors toRead More →