In retrospect, there were signs that The Intern might not work out: The child of a friend of the family of a Senior Executive … touted as an upperclassman from a well-known engineering school, but was just starting a search for an internship in mid-June … hasn’t been vetted or spoken with the hiringRead More →

I purchased a Sandisk 16Gb USB stick drive (~$10 on to transfer large files between machines rather than having to burn multiple DVDs.  (Also because I ditched my optical drive to install a second hard disk in my ancient MacBook.)  While shuttling files, the USB stick went into some kind of lock-outRead More →

As I was walking through the exhibits of O’Reilly’s “Making Data Work” Conference a few weeks ago, a vendor stepped in my path: Vendor: “What is your organization’s Hadoop strategy?” Having done a metric crap-ton of events as a vendor, I was sympathetic to what he was trying to do.  However, his premiseRead More →

I’m not sure what was more puzzling: They insist on a strong passwords, but are able to handle only two non-alphanumeric characters.  For example, this-password-restriction-is-poopy-doodoo-7F92PChQXHkR=mz{mzTfs6x6z”, the sequence emitted when my head landed on my keyboard, violates most of their rules. This information is intellectual property.  Read More →

Despite a concerted effort to keep my inbox tamed, it’s now back above 30 undealt-with emails.  While falling behind, I’ve noticed some recurring – and annoying – behavioral patterns.  I’m sure the list is incomplete, so feel free to share! “The two-for” – a person who always — always— sendsRead More →

Executive summary: Dissatisfied with my blog’s response time, I looked into a variety of options.  For about a month, I tried a wpengine experiment whereby I moved everything to them.  It didn’t work out, but I learned a lot along the way.  I’ve been dissatisfied about the page load times ofRead More →