Falafel and Hummus

A couple of months ago the Pike Place Market CSA had an end of harvest sale and I picked up 5 pounds of dried, organic chick peas. Tonight, I made falafel and hummus dip. I hope you’ll excuse the huge pat on my back (and my stomach), but this meal turned out excellent.

The falafel and hummus recipes are adapted from Rose Elliot’s Complete Vegetarian Cuisine. The tahini sauce is my own workings.

Red Canyon/Bryce Canyon NP

With only half a day at Great Basin NP, I took a further detour to southwestern Utah, hoping to take in a brief stay at Bryce Canyon national park before heading straight for eastern LA. During the summer, one could do the national park trifecta: Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Grand Canyon. However, the north rim of Grand Canyon is closed in the winter.

(Warning: lots of photos.)